As a former student of academic initiatives instituted by Barbara, I know first-hand that the bounds of Barbara’s leadership are limitless. While acquiring my education under this leadership, her teams and tactics ensured that I had the consistent one-on-one support I needed to succeed; my knowledgeable and genuinely compassionate advisors assisted me in mapping out a delineated path of objectives. With these clear steps, I was able to attain my goals and simultaneously enhance my skillset. As a result, I was able to complete internships that provided me with the unparalleled experience and networking opportunities that ultimately prepared me for and allowed me to enter the workforce as a valued, contributing professional.

Stephanie D. Biehl

Life does not stop. Education is a necessary tool that allows different doors to open. At 29 years old and wavering on what my life had in store, I made a big decision to go back to school and pursue my degree. Being a father, husband and working fulltime, starting school again was a daunting task. Luckily, I meet Dr. Barbara (Barb) Caulley. She was able to provide me with the comfort and confidence that I could handle going back to school. She reinforce that it was the right decision for me and it was the right time. She provided me with a great plan and made sure that I was motivated to follow through with it. I had the privilege to not only have Dr. Caulley as a teacher, advisor but also as mentor. Her experiences, insight and nurturing nature are truly invaluable. I always felt that she wanted to see the best in me and all her students. She was willing to go out of her way to help and accommodate anyone that needed it. I did complete my degree but I would say that without the help of Barb, I do not think it would of happened. Barb is one of those great individuals that you are lucky to come in contact with because she has the knack of inspiring you to make the hard changes in your life that will benefit you forever.

Nathan Nunes

Graduating with my degree from college meant finishing something that was not quite complete. I had a dream to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree and it was with the support and guidance of my advisors and professors that this dream was possible. It was scary at times but I had family and friends supporting me through the process which put my fears to rest. Obtaining an education gives people unlimited opportunities in life and I hope everyone will jump at whatever chance they have for such an experience.

Linda P

I have known Barbara for ten years and have had the privilege of interacting and working with her in her varied roles during that time. Throughout that time, Barbara was my teacher, dean, advisor, mentor, and friend. While studying in the MBA Program at Notre Dame de Namur University, Barbara provided leadership and support that played an integral role in my success throughout the program. Her exceptional mentorship and passion for her students were the primary reasons many of us succeeded.

It is rare to find such a kind, passionate, and driven leader who also takes the time to know her colleagues and work on a personal level. Her ability to make herself accessible to her students and colleagues, combined with her passion for her job, afforded me the opportunity to successfully set and achieve multiple goals. Her support ensured that I had the opportunities and encouragement I needed to exceed my own expectations.

Liz Schooler

Lifelong learning with intergenerational communication makes our society, and all of us better. STEP is a wonderful launch for societal integration for those who have had some of life's most difficult challenges. I struggled believing that I could not get into college due to learning disabilities and lacking math skills. Through the guiding support of Dr. Barbara Caulley, was able to get into college where I even excelled in quantitative statistics. At Notre Dame de Namur University, I earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Human Services with concentrations in Administration and Counseling, and even managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude at 56. With Dr. Caulley's continuing support, was accepted into the Gerontology Masters program at San Francisco State University finishing in May 2013. I have since written a Caregiving Memoir with a 21-Tip Guide for Caregivers; co-founded a national helpline for seniors; and have a gerontological services consulting practice in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and am known as "The Aging Coach," all thanks to getting the right guidance and education. We gerontologists believe that the first person to live to 140, is 60 today so it is never too late to learn!

Laura Guluzzy, M.A. Gerontologist