Mentoring Opportunities

Upon release, STEP volunteer mentors provide one-on-one ongoing resource information and support in movement towards successful completion of inmate goals of gainful employment. STEP works intimately with each individual that participates in the program and creates a custom roadmap that the individual can follow.

  • Working with or referring to other organizations such as Probation Department, housing, drug/alcohol treatment programs, various education, vocational and governmental organizations and resources, etc.
  • Working with foundations, businesses, and others to develop scholarship opportunities, where appropriate.
  • Work with community businesses to provide paid and unpaid internships so that resumes will reflect recent, pertinent business experience.
  • Work with government, particularly cities, to provide job credits to employers who will provide training and job experience to our clients.

All mentors will undergo a training program and will serve as a mentor to one client for a period one year. If you would like to learn more information about volunteering as a mentor, please contact us below.

To get started as a mentor, please fill out the Mentor Application here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed to help with events, identifying funding sources, and many other opportunities. If you would like to learn more information about volunteering with STEP, please contact us below.

Become a Mentor or Volunteer!

For more information on mentoring and volunteer opportunities, please call our office at 650-581-1176 or contact