The ability to find and secure post-release employment, especially for inmates with felony convictions, continues to be one of the greatest barriers to former inmates’ ability to successfully reenter the community. Where inmates have successfully enrolled in educational or vocational programming that is available to them upon release, any opportunity to arrange the continuation of classes or training prior to their release should be considered. Several former inmates reported getting financial assistance to support post-release educational and vocational opportunities through the California Department of Rehabilitation, which provides employment, education, and housing support to individuals with demonstrated disabilities.

STEP works with the business community to provide paid and unpaid internships to provide jobs, experience, networking, and a proven track record, leading to future employment.

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Critically important are supplementary services such as childcare, scholarships for incidental expenses such as books, transportation, etc. STEP works to develop funding for the incidental types of expenses. Additionally, STEP collaborates with organizations such as Palcare to provide subsidies for the parents who work through this program.

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