Success Through Education Program (STEP)

More than two-thirds of the people who pass through county jails and probation systems will be back in jail within a few years. STEP is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to working with the local agencies, non-profits, and the community to break that cycle.

We are a team of professionals who have seen firsthand the transformative power of education for adults and teens who are motivated to change their lives. We have created programs of assessment, vocational and educational training, counseling, internships, scholarships and mentoring designed to give incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals the motivation and tools to make those changes.

STEP creates individualized programs for its clients that combine skill and interest assessment with literacy skill building; academic and vocational training; personal financial life skills; determination of resources and financial opportunities; career counseling; internships and mentoring counseling to complete each client’s education.

We work to provide opportunities for employment through educational transition services to men and women incarcerated within local community justice systems and previously incarcerated adults within the probation system, as well as with teens in alternative schools, to assist them on their pathway to future success. The STEP program connects these individuals with job opportunities and provides them with necessary education or vocational training to make successful transitions into the mainstream public when they are released from jail or out of the alternative school system.

According to Dr. Barry Krisberg of UC Berkeley School of Law, the research shows that “education, vocational training, expanded drug treatment, increased family visiting programs in jail and transitional housing on the outside are “overwhelmingly” associated with reduced recidivism.”

STEP’s role is to be a hub for an array of these kinds of services so that criminal justice officials have a single point of contact for arranging for the services that will truly make a difference in individual lives.